All development begin with the Consultation to evaluate and report on existing program capabilities (add-ons, plugins, modules) and analyze any existing issues. What needs to be accomplished? What isn't working right?

Then develop a Strategy: identifying the path of least resistance to achieve objectives.
 - Use existing site and locate and fix the problems or rebuild with a clean code base. 
  • Evaluate website programs and capabilities.
  • Analyze existing issues.
  • Define objectives.
  • Indentify realistic solutions to solve the problem.
    • Path with least amount of resistance:
      • might not be to fix what’s already there
        • sometimes it can take more time to identify someone else’s problem —
          • adding greater risk
          • and unknown learning curve for providing support
        • — then to replace it with something known to be tested and stable.
    • Sometimes it’s better to discard the work that has already been paid for…